Community Impact Programs
United Way of Siouxland depends on the leadership of volunteers from across the community to guide the sound investment of funds entrusted to us by generous donors. These volunteers provide insight and oversight to ensure that programs deliver solid results. Working in teams, volunteers review funding applications and make recommendations for future funding.
Below are the programs that are receiving United Way of Siouxland funding to make a positive impact to their clients and ultimately making our community stronger.

Preschool Program
This six week long summer program for select  preschool children and families helps children enter Kindergarten ready to learn and succeed in school.
Mentoring Youth 
Providing one-to-one mentoring relationships for children in need based on a proven model that includes support for mentors, youth, and parents / guardians.
Strong Youth
Helping youth become leaders and productive members of society by teaching life skills, character development, responsibilities of citizenship, and developing personal fitness.

After School and Summer Programs
This program provides boys ages 7-18 with evidence-based after school programming that focuses on education and healthy lifestyles, while developing character and leadership skills.
Every Classroom Counts
Reading Mentor
Volunteer mentors meet with students in grades K-3rd each week in their school setting to help mentor reading skills and build confidence in their abilities.
Girl Scout Leadership Experience
The Girl Scout Leadership Experience assists K-12 girls in discovering their strengths, passions, and talents, through Girl Scout opportunities that increase school readiness.

After School and Summer Programs
Innovative summer and after school programs prepare girls to lead successful, independent, and fulfilling lives. Mission: Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

Imagination Library
Age Appropriate Books for Children
Preschool children enrolled in this program receive age appropriate books each month until their 5th birthday to instill a love of reading and help ensure Kindergarten readiness.
Iowa Reading Corps
Grade Level Tutoring
Elementary Literacy Tutors work with K-3 students using research-based methodology to get students back on track and ensure they are reading on grade level by the time they enter 4th grade.
Nurturing Environment / Daycare
Offering affordable, year-round quality child care and preschool to children ages 2-10. The program fees are income based to remove barriers associated with cost for families in most need.
Youth Program
Ensuring English-language learning preschoolers start Kindergarten ready to succeed, and keeping elementary and middle school kids learning and active during the summer.
Age Appropriate Development Program
Providing early education programming to preschool children, regardless of race ethnicity, with special outreach efforts offered to Native American children in Sioux City.

Summer Camp
This eight-week summer camp is dedicated to stopping summer learning loss and keeping kids active through a rich variety of academic, social, and health-focused experiences.
Delinquency Prevention
The after school and summer programs provide a safe place for children to come while providing a quality program that socially and emotionally prepares kids for future success.
Preschool and Child Care
This accredited and individualized early learning program uses Creative Curriculum, a research based curriculum with on-line Gold assessment to prepare children for success in school.
Emergency Services
Preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors to provide stabilization to those in crisis.
Economic Stability Resources & Transitional Housing 
These programs foster self-sufficiency through budgeting, money management and debt reduction, pre/post homeowner counseling and education, and providing stable housing with supportive services for the homeless.
Tax Preparation Assistance
Bringing more money to Siouxland by working with individuals and families to keep more of their income and ensure that earned income tax credit dollars do not go unclaimed through free tax preparation services.

Immigration & Translation Services
To help the newest members of our community this program provides immigration legal services, English and citizenship classes, and translation and interpretation services.
Pathway of Hope
Creating a path to financial stability through targeted services to stabilize families, help them overcome hunger and homelessness and help them chart a course out of poverty.
Basic Needs & Translation Services
Volunteer mentors meet with students in grades K-3rd each week in their school setting to help mentor reading skills and build confidence in their abilities.

Economic & Emotional Stability
Connecting women and men living "on the edge" of poverty to the resources they need to become productive and stable members of the community.
Outpatient Therapy
This program offers a wide range of therapeutic mental health services for individuals of all ages seeking assistance to improve their lives.
Healthy and Safe Families
Providing counseling and mental health services, including parenting classes, to all people regardless of their backgrounds. Services are designed to support families, provide safety, and instill hope.
Safety for All Residents
Free and confidential crisis intervention, advocacy, shelter, and support 24 hours a day, every day to assist survivors of domestic violence while giving them the resources to build a safer life.

Healthy Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success provides family support through intensive home visiting services beginning during pregnancy through the child's 5th birthday.
Parent Education
This unique parenting program provides support, education, and community resource information to pregnant and parenting teens enrolled in Siouxland high schools.
Wellness Programs
This program improves the quality of life for those dealing with physical challenges, chronic disease, aging, and health seekers through research-based exercise, education, and support.
Prevention and Anti-Bullying Efforts
Promoting and prevention by coordinating activities to mobilize our community to reduce alcohol and other drug abuse, and its related violence including bullying.
Enhancing the Lifestyles of Older Adults
Open to all ages with a focus on the older generation to meet their social, recreational, and educational needs in an environment that is fun, safe, inclusive, and courteous to all.
Summer Program
This six week academic and leisure time program is designed to meet the needs of those intellectually and developmentally disabled ages 3 to 21.