Community Partners Funded Programs
American Red Cross: 712-252-4081
Provides disaster assistance through the Disaster Cycle Services Model of prepare, respond, and recover. Additionally they offer support to military services through emergency communications, resource & referral, and outreach.
An advocate for all ages of mentally disabled individuals. Provides community-based programs to enhance social skills and other functional competencies.
Arranges and monitors volunteer relationships between prescreened adults and children. The volunteers serve as role models for children who come from single parent families or two-parent families experiencing stress.
Helps individuals and families resolve personal issues in their lives and provides family and individual counseling.
Offers a youth development program for boys (ages 7-18) which helps them develop a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging, and influence.
Serves boys in 1st through 12th grades and girls in 9th through 12th grades. Scouting strives to instill in young people the values that are essential to our system of free enterprise: self-reliance, integrity, courage, and thriftiness.
Offers family, individual, and group therapy to help families and children resolve emotional and/or family problems. Catholic Charities provides maternity services for single birth parents, including option counseling, after-care, and adoption services.
Certified credit counselors help people with budgeting, money management, and debt reduction. Additionally, Bridges West provides transitional housing to assist homeless families and individuals. Prescription assistance is also available.
Provides shelter and crisis intervention to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and their children, and offers 24-hour hotline, counseling, education, and advocacy.
Provides two services to help with the health and well being of children in Siouxland. The Maternal Health Clinic provides comprehensive prenatal care services for women in Siouxland and the HOPES program provides an intensive in-home visitation program that positively impacts families and children.
Focuses on the special needs of girls by providing a positive and stimulating environment in which girls can become aware of the opportunities in life and develop the capacity to be self-sufficient members of the community.
Committed to helping all girls (ages 5-17) from every background to develop the confidence, determination, and skills needed to thrive in today's world.
Provides a Teen Parenting Program in area high schools. This program teaches young parents what it's like to be a parent, and how to prepare for and succeed in their new role. Discussions also focus on overcoming the obstacles to being a young parent and focuses on maintaining an education.
Mary Elizabeth Child Care & Preschool: 712-258-1605
Provides quality, affordable child care for low-income working parents. Includes preschool, before- and after-school care, and summer programs. A sliding fee scale is available based on the parents' income.
Empowers individuals through free English, preschool and citizenship classes; low-cost immigration services; and a summer program for at-risk youth that is designed to close the achievement gap and stop summer learning loss.
Native American Child Care Center: 712-276-4030
Provides child care services and an early childhood development program, including preschool readiness, self-image development, parental involvement and cultural awareness to preschool children and their families.
Provides access to wellness programs to all members free of charge or at greatly reduced prices to encourage healthy lifestyles and/or help individuals dealing with a chronic illness. In addition, an 8 week summer camp to serve students in grades K-5 with a focus on summer learning loss prevention and assurance that students remain on track academically.
Pathway of Hope provides a range of services with a holistic emphasis on providing the resources that will best suit the needs of each client. The services include one time emergency services, on-going assistance for elderly and/or disabled, and long term planning services to promote independence.
The neighborhood center's Delinquency Prevention Program is a continuum of services through several programs for children K-12 and their families: After School Program, Summer Program, Outreach, and Alternative Suspension.
Community Coalition whose mission is to improve the quality of life in Siouxland by eliminating the abuse of alcohol and other drugs and related violence. Services include referrals, information, assessment information, educational programs, awareness campaigns, youth leadership, drug-free workplace information, gang prevention programs, and anti-bullying education.
Provides activities and programs in health, recreation, education, finance, and transportation to enhance the lifestyles of adults in Siouxland. The programs provide fitness screenings, healthy living classes, exercise classes, and transportation options for home-bound individuals to assist with healthy lifestyle choices.
Siouxland Family Community Center: 402-494-6878
A neighborhood center in South Sioux City that offers emergency food pantry to families. As part of the service, clients are connected with anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs and resources.
Provides intensive case-management to heads of household in Siouxland in a personal, one-to-one approach to help them achieve their maximum earning potential.